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Iranian ( Persian Graffiti )

iranian ( Persian Graffiti ) by A1one.
such as a flare up with heat. red, as if
you want
to burn anyone who saw it, graffiti is very


The term graffiti itself is taken from the latin "graphium" which means "writing".

Originally, this term is used by archeologists to define the writings of the ancient peoples of Egypt and the ancient Romans. Activities as a means of graffiti indicate dissatisfaction, a new start at the time of the Roman with the evidence of paintings satire against the government in building walls. This painting is found in the ruins of Pompei.

Use spray paint or spray paint for graffiti began, known in New York at the end of 60 years. Graffiti spray paint with the first done on a subway train.
A man called taki who lived in the 183rd Street WashingtonHeights always write his name - Tagging - in every place that he's seen a lot of people will, for example, in the subway train or on the outside and in the bus.
"Taki183", so that he made any posts.

Through the strange graffiti, people in cities throughout the taki. In 1971, by taki wawancarai in a New York magazine's publication. From there taki popular name in the entire New York.
Taki This phenomenon eventually affect mental children in newyork. Their popularity can be considered only with written identification on the bus or train that melewatiseluruh city. The many names listed, it is certainly considered to be increasingly popular.

Arabian Graffiti

A1one by A1one.
not only with the usual letters which we
see the letters but also arab can now be a
graffiti picture

A1one Graffiti

A1one Graffiti by A1one.
graffiti-like images that detail the interest rate with the rounded edge to make the picture becomes more interesting

a1one / Graffiti / IRAN

a1one / Graffiti / IRAN by A1one.

Pic Graffiti Simple, BUT BECAUSE OF THE COLOR processing and combination ECE THAT MAKE THESE FIGURES HAVE Graffiti class of its own